Hello and welcome to Spero’s Comics Online!

After much hard work and anticipation, we have finally re-launched our web site.
What this simply means is that we are ready to work hard to fulfill your comic
needs, quickly and accurately, whatever they may be. This week alone, we have
just received 35 long boxes of a new collection that are now for sale to the public.
We are also expecting 17 more long boxes to come in today. That’s 52 new long
boxes and almost all of them will be sold for 50 cents each! So, if you want to be
one of the first to find some real gems in a new batch of comics, come in
tomorrow and bring a fist full of dollars. Also, start sending in those orders or
start coming in to our store! Please contact us with questions or comments you
may have regarding your collection. All of our contact information can be found
on our “Contacts” page. Before placing any orders, please visit our “How We
Operate” page for a full schematic breakdown of how we run our business.

Don’t forget to join our mailing list so you can stay up to date with all of
the new events, specials and sales that we have going on!   

Please have fun exploring our website!